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My name is Dishna, I ran the Angel Sourced Centre on Hinckley Road in Leicester for 10 years, we offered treatments, training and therapy as well as superb healing services.The gift shop helped a lot of people and we sold a whopping amount of Crystals.
Along the way I have learned and grown lots, my path is changing and becoming more mediumship based. Having a closer bond and link with the angels, I know I have much more to pass on to you now. I will be offering courses at limited times, as much as I have spare. All Courses are Acreditted to a Practioner Diploma status, insurance validated and Insurable. We are Insured to teach with the I.P.T.I met-your-angels-and-healing
Working from home now so I can reach you all, with little overheads.
I have so much to share with you, I will help you in every area I can. There is a lot of light in you, im here to show you.
Why do people sitting at home with no over heads charge you more than most salons? I’ve often wondered this, did you know Reiki is a Universal energy free to all, Anyone can access it, are you aware you can read your own cards? Develop your own psychic abilities, 20 years ago I didn’t, but I know Now and cannot wait to show you.
It cost me over a thousand pounds a month just to be in a property before any other expenses, I had no choice but to charge for the treatments and training, I’ve grown really fed up with seeing some of the people I have taught ( and I teach well) go on to charging extreme money for these services! Even from home. And those that teach you Manifestation by showing you what they accrue with the wealth they are making from your Needs! My angels are Screaming Enough is Enough! Although we are no longer offering treatments, I will still help where I can, I will not charge for Reiki, this is a promise I’ve made to The Angels and to My Family in Spirit.

reiki-distance-healingWe are still offering Psychic suppers and organising Psychic Events so keep a check out on our Facebook Page! Whilst I can offer free limited angelic Advise and readings/guidance, the readers that work with me still charge a fee for their services but they have been thoroughly vetted and are Excellent in what they do and offer. I would always say it’s better to email me than try to call me as I can’t always get to the phone, if you text ill get back to you, the first opportunity I have. You’ll be pleased to know the team hasn’t changed ill still be working with Heidi, Corrinna and Corrine, my Earth Angels, I look forward to seeing and Sharing with you soon, Bright Blessings – Dishna McQueen Parmar Angel Sourced

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  • I went on a Groupon offer this lunch time and Tina my therapist was excellent, a lovely lady, very professional and I am feeling the benefit now of four treatments, reflexology, crystal balancing, aura cleansing and back neck and shoulder massage. I intend to book in again soon. I was made to feel very welcome from the moment I walked into the door and I was very early arriving which gave me the chance to look round at some of the incredible things they sell. Thoroughly recommend.

    Janice Moore, 2 November 2014
  • Thank you so much for my hot stone face & back massage this evening. It was divine, I felt so relaxed, yet re-energised. Looking to having another treatment soon

    Kerry Ashby, 17 May 2014
  • Wonderful, just absolutely wonderful and fabulous love my new brows, what a professional Love you, love my brows, will be recommending you to all I know, thanks again

    Denise Margaret Carter OBE,16 DEC 2014
  • Thank you for a fantastic brow semi permanent treatment, very professional I am very pleased with the results and shall be screaming your work out to the world, a very happy Abigail

    Abigial Carter Brown,12 Jan 2015
  • Please would you email all psychic supper events in advance. I am interested in your courses too however will be travelling from Cheshire, so need to book hotel accommodation too.

    Much love


    christine mclean, Oct 20 2010 6:44 PM
  • Aloha from Hawaii.

    Andre NAGANO, Jan 19 2011 10:53 PM
  • Love the new website Dishna, hope to join you for some courses this year.

    lesley Meachem, Jan 22 2011 12:50 PM
  • Hi Dishna, love the site. Can’t wait to come down and have another one of your amazing courses.

    Cheryl, Feb 21 2011 9:40 PM
  • Just to let you know how much the angelic reiki course has helped me, cured my own panic attacks and depression. It has enabled me to heal other people and accept my spiritual gifts such as mediumship and clairaudience. It has given me the strength to accept what I have in the face of criticism. Thankyou so much Dishna for setting all this up because these courses really are beneficial to those who want to pursue their spiritual path.

    Karina, Feb 22 2011 3:37 AM
  • Really enjoyed the Angelic Reiki Attunements and resits. Im really gratefull that ASH is within easy reach for me.I regularly attend the Spiritual Developement Groups which give me more knowledge and experience in this field.
    Overall, Dishna is a great teacher and a friend who is always there to help those who need it.

    Girish B. Mistry, Feb 22 2011 10:01 PM
  • When I first came across ASH, it was overwhelming! The shop is like pandora’s box with so many life / spirit enhancing things. Dishna was really helpful in explaining what the products were and how they worked. Ive had many treatments done from Angelic Reiki to massage, Aura cleanse and crystal therapy. I also did the Angelic Reiki Course and Tarot workshop, thoroughly amazing tools for life! Thanks also for the ongoing support, your door is NEVER closed. xx

    Prad (International) Mistry, Feb 23 2011 5:34 PM
  • I’m so glad I found you and your wonderful shop and team. I call you a bit of Glastonbury in Leicester. Glastonbury is a special place to me as that is where I got married!!
    I set out to persue my spiritual path this year and you were brought to me! I thank you so much for being ‘there’ doing such a wonderful job for lightworkers!! I’ve completed the angelic reiki level 1 & 2 and hope to do level 3 & 4 later in the year! i hope to do more of your courses as well. My life has changed so much and I appreciate your continually support and friendship!!
    Thanks for bringing the light into my life!!

    Claire Ramsden, Apr 07 2011 3:46 PM
  • It was a pleaseure to meet you all, really enjoyed the course. I feel blessed to have been introduced to Reiki. I’m certain this is only the beginning of my journey and we will meet again.

    Hema, May 23 2011 9:16 PM