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We hold REGULAR Reiki and treatment share events as well as entertainment mini event evenings for half price mini treatments, readings & therapies. Angel Sourced Holistics invites you for the spiritual purpose of uniting mind, body and soul with spirit. Angelic Reiki Master/Teacher member of the Angelic Reiki U.K Foundation channelled through and founded by Kevin Core [Egypt]. This is the original Angelic Reiki. I am a fully insured member of the renowned I.P.T.I, and hold national and internationally recognised Diplomas & teaching certificates for all Treatments, Training and Therapies on offer. MY SPECIALITIES ARE ANGELIC REIKI AND TEACHING.

angelsRegular Reiki and treatment share events call for details weekly open evening circles designated to spiritual growth and learning; topics to cover; holistic living and wellbeing, guided meditations, working with our spirit guides and guardian angels, the ascended masters and the rays, steps to ascension, manifestation and creating our path, searching for our divine purpose and goal, the power of crystals, self healing and clearing, the chakra systems, protection from psychic attack, cord cutting, much more, meeting likeminded people and maximising life living, learning from each other.

healingThe time has come to move forward and live in the light seek and search open up the sacred flame within empower your thoughts and actions manifest a bright and prosperous abundant living.
Relax and reinvigorate at Angel Sourced heal and treat – All therapies and treatments are designated to support and unite the mind, body, soul and spirit.

aumWeekly open evening circles with talks on ascension, magick, prosperity, abundance, the rays, masters and chohans, spirit guides and guardian angels, ascended masters, universal energy, the monad, the divine spark, crystals, protection, self healing, readings, affirmations and much more... Held weekly to suit 2 hours in the evening starting with guided meditations. A place to meet likeminded people and share knowledge all helping on the path to our ascension.

healRegular workshops, teachings and events including Angelic Reiki, manifesting with Archangel Michael, ritual divine magick, spiritual awareness, practical meditation, everyday chakra balancing techniques and more. Please call for latest dates and events.

angelsAt Angel Sourced Holistics, we are happy to help in and with any situation feel free to telephone and arrange a meeting. All advise and friendly chats are free.

Sometimes we have no money and do not know where to turn the world is entering into a new dimension and there is a huge shift in consciousness for all. I will help anybody in anyway that I can to move into the new era and start again. You can do it, do not feel sad or alone wondering what or why. I cannot state enough that money is not the biggest issue here.

krishna radhaEveryone can live in peace and feel secure and protected. Letting go of fear, anger, pain, guilt, torment, negative patterns, etc. If they wish to do so, my main job is to bring people into the light and teach for the clear path to ascension.

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