Angel Readings

images (6)Angels and Spirit can offer messages of hope, guidance, compassion and wisdom. The reading, filled with spiritual energy and the messages delivered with peace, joy and compassion, allows you, the receiver, to feel safe, secure and totally at peace. Often times, if you’ve had a prior experience with a reading from someone else that didn’t go well or was riddled with strife or bad news, you will have those misconceptions carried over into your outlook for an Angel Intuitive Reading. We ask that you release those feelings and misconceptions before coming for your reading.


I can assure you that the readings we deliver are filled with positive energy. This is not to say that we will hold back anything that is less than positive. Quite the contrary. If we are shown messages or situations of turmoil or issues coming up for you, you can be assured that this information will be delivered in a way that is for your highest good. The Angels and Guides are very tactful when delivering messages. It is not the Intuitives job or intention to ‘filter’ through the information. What she / he sees, is what they will deliver but it is delivered with love and compassion.


You will find that the Spiritual Intuitive can deliver guidance and even just be a good listener should the information being delivered to you evoke happiness, tears, joy, sorrow or even grief. It is not uncommon during an Intuitive Reading to feel a release of pent up sorrow or grief.


images (7)Our clients often times leave the reading feeling as if a weight has been lifted off their shoulders. If you have specific questions you would like to ask your angels and guides about, please feel free to communicate those questions during the session.


Spirit and the Angels love to answer your questions. Please understand that these readings are not predictive and your input and your willingness to be a part of this session is vital to a positive outcome.

Please note that any reading can last anything between 45 minutes upto 2 hours !!

Angel Readings are – FREE with limited availability please email needs and requirements!