Aura Cleansing Healing and Balancing Course Practitioner Diploma


Aura Cleansing Healing and Balancing Course Practitioner Diploma, a 2 shortday’s Workshop


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Aura cleansing and balancing is a subtle but profound energy adjustment which catalyzes the restoration of natural health to the spirit, mind, and body. Health is harmony with the universe, including all people, species, and the Earth. Health is peace within ourselves. Health is the spirit, mind, and body in harmony with divine balance. Health is natural and therefore we are naturally attracted to health. It is this natural attraction which Aura Balancing utilizes to re-establish harmony. During this workshop you will come to understand the true nature of the aura and how to rebalance and cleanse for self and clients. With the use of simple techniques, meditations and visualisations you will be able to offer one of the least common holistic GOOD HEALTH therapies yet one of the most IMPORTANT. Further details about the Aura can be found on the benefits page.