Codes of Conduct & Practise

Here at A.S.H, we the team are all very spiritual and holistic, we believe in spirit and work with spirit in the light. We welcome all to try our events and hope to take away the drama, the hype and concerns related to working with spirit. We do not host any event with theatrics or displays we genuinely work and connect with spirit for you, hence every event is different. The crowd usually bring their loved ones with them who are trying to communicate through us a message, any messages we receive are passed on to the best of our capability. We do not encourage any negative activity in any form, we do not scream shout or hurl abuse at spirit in any form neither do we encourage it, we would not tolerate abusive behaviour towards spirit and will never rile spirit in any form or shape. Our aim is to directly communicate with spirit in love and light wether they are of a negative energy or pure they are treated the same. We do not expect people or developing mediums to take it upon themselves to start clearing buildings or beleiving to be doing so, we are on ghosthunts and therefore that would defeat the object. We have a specialised team of mediums for clearings where they are asked for. We aim to cover costs and and working with spirit does not involve profits we do not call ourselves a not for profit organisation as we fall under the umbrella of Angel Sourced Holistics. You will notice however our prices are very similar to those of not for profit organisations. Come along to one of our events and try us for yourself, we have only respect for the work we do, without any hype or mystery you will be given the correct advise on working with spirit, we are here to prove spirits existence and that is our main contribution to working with spirit. Please note these standards go across the board with all our activities including groups / circles and evenings of spirit etc . . .

We look forward to seeing you at any one of our events.
Love, Light and Blessings
The A.S.H Team.








Is or are there any medical information that we should be aware of eg
Medication, diabetes, asthma allergies etc.. Even the slightest detail please write down

Any injuries accidents or operations in the last 12 months please provide information as necessary
A little about guidelines and rules for maximum benefit to your event.

If you are under the influence of heavy alcohol or any drug use, you will be asked to leave. Be respectful to spirit and locations, do not yell, scream or hurl any form of abuse to either spirit or another member of the group and event. Again any of the above will result in you being asked to leave. Please stick to the designated smoking areas and times. Do not wander off alone at any time without your designated group. Stick with your group members at all times to avoid disrupting other group activities. If you are found to constantly be wandering off and breaking away from your designated group again you shall be asked to leave. IF you are asked to leave due to any of the above reasons please note you will not at any time be subject to any monetary or voucher refund. A.S.H will not refund any monies paid for your ignorance to the rules and conditions of the Event. Finally do not be scared of any thing, you are surrounded by professional people who will have protected you and the location well in advance. Do not scream and make loud noises again that will disturb other members or cause mass hysteria. If you feel, hear, sense, taste, smell or see anything that maybe paranormal please speak out and let your group consultant know, no matter how slight it maybe, somebody may also be feeling the same. Finally have fun and enjoy the event you have come on board for. A.S.H Thanks you for your participation and acknowledgement of the guidelines.

Declaration }
We at angel sourced holistic & a.s.h psychics endevour to be as transparent as possible about ingredients used in our food and beverage and preperations, or those of the venue providers, however we cannot account a statement that does not include that all of our food or some may contain traces of nuts, seeds and oils, wheat, gluten etc, if you have allergies then please ask. We can also only risk assess any event to our ability and tools available at time of bookings. Please understand that we will at no point be held responsible for any personal damage or theft to any of your belongings, sickness or illness due to foods and drinks consumed, personal injury, falls or accidents.
You will be partaking in the event at your own risk !!

With the above in mind please sign this form and date it to consent to taking part in