1 Day workshop, includes manual, certificate & attunements


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Angels WorkshopsThe Rays are 1 of the most POWERFULL tools available to mankind today. They can help you live a fulfilling and prosperous, abundant living. Healing with the rays is a powerful remedy for personal and planetary transmutation.


During this workshop you will learn about the 24 Rays that’s right with the constant shift we are on the 24 Th ray now, its been a long time since there were only 7 rays. You will learn the colours, the chohans, the angels and Archangels and the keepers of each ray along with the overseeing ascended masters. You will learn how to call upon these rays in the simplest forms deepening and strengthening your connection to the Angels Archangels and Ascended masters.


During the Day we will work through ray by ray meditating and invoking the presence of each into our etheric and lightbody to help our ascension and Glory. We will touch on each individual Ascended Master in detail and how they can help you in your day to day living and self empowerment.



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