Holistic Courses

New Workshop – Ritual / Ceremonial Magick & Spellcasting as a Professional A 1 Day Attendance Certified Workshop – £149.00


With the upsurge of the new age movement MAGICK has been revived and restored. People have resumed faith once more in the ways of the old! During this workshop you will be introduced to the history and origins of magick. We will talk about the quarters, the elementals and the overseeing Archangels. You will learn how to safely use magick and provide services of magick professionally, without leaving your clients shortchanged. You will be shown how to invoke and create a space and also how to correctly cast a circle.You will also learn how to release a spell and circle for maximum strength and potency. Who to call upon and how to call upon, the moon cycle beneficial days and times. For the subject of this course nothing will be left to imagination and you will be given an indepth manual to refer to again and again.

Past Life Healing, 2 Day Course – £185.00

This course offers both hypnosis as well as non-hypnotic techniques to unearth this information, perfect for those whom are difficult to regress, for use in store fronts or other treatment facilities that are limited in quiet space, and for those whose time constraints do not allow for formal hypnosis and preparation.

Our Past Life Healing and Regression therapy teaches you everything you need to successfully delve into the past lives of yourself and others to overcome habits, increase self-worth, and more importantly discover the root cause of fears, worries, and other emotional blocks on your life path.

What the courses covers:

  • Introduction to the Theories of Past Lives
  • The Benefits of learning about your previous lives
  • The law of Karma and Cause and Effect
  • The best way to neutralise bad karma
  • Meditation for Past Life Discovery
  • The Akashic Records and their Role in Regression
  • How to perform past life regression on self and others
  • Scanning a soul for previous lives
  • Tuning into specific lives



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