House Clearing & Blessings

Ascension Magick – from £10.00

ascensionmagick…Divinely created. Angelic and ascended master spells from £10.00. For abundance, wealth / prosperity, love career, calming anger, jinx and hex breaking, manifestation, marital problems, loneliness, friendship, protection from any person or purpose, overcoming fear, mind with spirit integration, opening up psychic awareness, please call for further details or pop in. I cannot stress enough that i am available for help and all advice, recommendations and friendly chats are free.



House Clearings

houseclearingsProtection and blessings with crystal incense prayer affirmations, energy healing and cleansing, Archangel callings and blessings, whole house includes outbuildings, lofts and cellars, half day is usually required with just one family member present for least disturbance from £125.00. Includes all necessary items for usage during rituals and crystals and pouches to be left within the premises and the attunement of premises and belongings to the angelic vibrations.

Regular day weekend workshops are continually being organised for learning the system of ascension magick, reiki, attunements and much more. Again, please call or pop in or even email for news of classes and workshops and upcoming events.