Practitioner Diploma with Angel Therapy

angeltherapyAre you looking to develop your intuition?
Connect with your Angels and receive their guidance?
Helps others to heal and work with their Angels?

We have a two day Angel Therapist and Healer course where you will learn to work with your Angels to help heal your relationships, health, career, attract abundance and assist you with the many challenges we all face at times on our life path.

You will learn about the angelic hierarchy and discover angels to call on for specific challenges, from the Cherubium to the Archangels, Ascended Masters such as the Creator and Buddha. You will be guided through beautiful meditations to help clear any blocks and fears that may be holding you back, you will meet your Guardian Angel, cleanse your aura and balance your chakras to release any negative emotional thoughts, so that you can learn to live through your higher self.

Practitioner Diploma with Angel Therapy, 2 Day Course


All Reiki and Healing Courses Free for own Personal Development with Angel Sourced, Booking Terms apply. Please read thoroughly, Thank you.


You will receive 2 wonderful attunements 1 to the Colours of the Angels and 1 to the 3 Fold Flame of Angel Love Empowerment, Archangel Michael and Angelic Senses which all will stimlate your intuitive senses, so that you can recognise the signs your Angels send!

You will learn how to provide an accurate Angel Reading with or without the aid of cards, for yourself and others, both on a one-to-one person and remotely.

Also you will be empowered to explore and expand your own spiritual development in a positive and nurturing environment, with ongoing support provided after your course