Psychic Development Course

Our 10 week certified psychic development course


We all have a psychic ability whether we are aware of it or not.We use it every day when we interact with people. When we make decisions, we find that it always works the most effectively when, we use our intuition – our gut feeling – rather than when we use our minds. The mind can only work in the past with what it has been fed through the opinions and conditioning of others and our own life experience. The information stored there is always going to have a time-related, often limited, or even distorted, perspective. The only way to Truth and Reality is through the Heart’s voice. This is what the Psychic Development Course is about ~ developing your own innate ability to see the truth behind the illusions of the world’s collective traditional, social, view of how life, and people, operate with all its fears, expectations, belief systems, and judgements, that colour the ‘rules’ of social living and perspectives of the Divine. To listen to the Heart’s voice will enable you to connect more closely with the Truth of how Life and the Divine really Is, and to see the beauty of human inter-connectedness and the positive aspects of the human experience and traditions.

Our course will help you to

  •  Expand your own spiritual awareness of Self.
  • Understand more about who you really Are as a Divine Being having a human experience.
  • Generate balance and harmony in all that you have experienced as a human being.
  • Help to reconcile all that you feel with all that your mind has been trained to tell you.

Psychic Development is a natural process that we do unconsciously throughout our lives.With guidance and support this process can be consciously enhanced by your commitment so that you fulfil more profoundly and fully, your Life’s Purpose. To know your Real Self more fully and to use its incredible power and ability with greater understanding and proficiency generates a happier, more abundant, creative, and passionate life experience!


Topics to cover
During the 10 weeks we will be looking at meditation, self healing and empowerment, protection & psychic protection, chakra’s, aura’s, methods of spirit communication, psychometery and much more.Each week you will receive homework and practise skills learned during the course, to deepen your abilities.


This course will run weekly on a Friday evening from 18.00 to 20.00

The full cost of the course is £59.00 includes certificate, manual and handouts.



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