Ribbon Readings

unnamedThey are free flowing, they are expressive, they are colour and they are alive!  Ribbons tap into all our senses – they way they look, they way they feel, the way they smell, you can taste them and there is the sound of them.  Think of all the thoughts and images that have come into your mind as you were reading that.  Our awareness, as with most things, is working with that – our inner knowing, our memories and connections that inspire us and which give us a piece of information or some significant detail.

Ribbon Reading is a form of Psychometry. Psychometry readings are brought about through our sensation of touch. This occurs through the reader holding an object in their hands that belongs to or has been touched by the person who wishes to be read.

The reader senses the energy that the object gives off.There are no set meanings to each individual ribbon. Ribbons are read by whatever the individual reader perceives through thought and touch as to what each colour represents to them, this is in fact very similar to that of aura readings where colours mean different things to different people. Ribbon Reading is thought to have originally come from the travelling folk.  Some believe it was the Celts that first started ribbon readings.  They were known for their travelling and they would sell their wares of which included ribbons.  As they moved across the lands, they would sell them to the ladies as hair decoration or for trimming on clothing.  With the sale of the ribbon was a reading.  During pagan times, ribbons were used in most ceremonies in particular hand-fasting (weddings) where the couples hands would be bound with ribbon.  Beltane celebrates with the maypole holding ribbons and dancing intricate steps, weaving them together as part of the dance to bring fertility.

Ribbons are still used today and sometimes at very significant points in history and our lives.  Letters from lovers in war situations were tied with blue ribbons to keep them safe as a sign of their sacred and sentimental worth, we start lives with ribbons adorning our wedding festivities and bouquets, a baby’s bonnet and bootees, birthday and Christmas presents and we even decorate our Christmas trees. Our awareness of ribbons goes so far as to be used to make a statement or send a message – to offer support to raise money:  pink for breast cancer; red for AIDS awareness; yellow ribbons around trees for the safe return of a missing loved ones  the list is endless.
So you see Ribbons play a great part in our lives than we realise so what could be better than a ribbon reading?

Price of Ribbon Reading £30.00