Shamanic Courses

Spirit Vision Medicine-   

A   Shamanic  Practitioner Home Study/distance course  £459.00



This is a course designed for those who want to heal and develop themselves and to be able to help others through the use of shamanic techniques. It is a course of self healing and self discovery, It both  expands your mind and challenges your beliefs about the world as you see it. Through studying this course you will learn to face fears and go beyond them.This course can be emailed or sent via post to you. It is studied in modules. Each module needs to be completed before the next will be given out. Shamanism is all about self discovery and healing of self. It differs from other therapies in that the shaman is aided and works with helpers from the spirit realms.


This course includes ~ 


A brief history of shamanism-learning how to journey to the spirit realms-meeting and working with spirit allies, including power animals, nature allies, stone and crystal spirits.-self healing through visualisation and dance.-making sacred tools and learning how to use them-discovering and developing relationships with genius loci , (land spirits)-Setting up and working with alters-plant spirit shamanism and herbology-different altered states-working with feathers-working with crystals-shamanic counselling  -shamanic core methods -making a healing medicine pouch-developing and understanding energy medicine-creating a ceremony-soul retrieval and how to carry it out.-extraction and intrusion methods-carry out and receive a shamanic healing-both in person and distance.-distance healing-how to carry out shamanic healings-to include case studies


This course is for those who are interested in studying shamanism either for self discovery or as a certificated course for those who wish to become a shamanic practitioner.


On completion of each module a student will be expected to submit experiences  and homeworkon completion of  this course a student will sit an exam and submit case studies work.a certificate of completion will be awarded and the student will be able to get insurance to practice.


Can be purchased as a whole course or, It may also be purchased per module so as to make it more affordable. There are no expected completion dates, it can be done as your time permits. We offer full support both during and after course.

Course fees include all modules, healing tests and final exams plus certification.



New New New ~ Tree Spirit and Plant spirit course- 2 Day workshop £199.00


This course shows how to work with tree and other plant spirits. It includes journey work, meditation, how to prepare flower, plant and tree essences, and how to use plant spirits to aid us in our healing, on both a physical, emotional and spiritual level.


Introduction to Shamanic techniques- 2 Day Course £229.00


Includes learning about the history of shamanism,introduction to the shamans cosmos and learning to journey into them. Journeying to the upper and  lower worlds and finding some of your spirit guides and working with them. Shamanic hoop drum workshop- 1 dayThis will include making your own drum, learning how to use your drum for journey work


Shamanic Reiki- 2 Day course £229.00


Participants must be to reiki practitioner level and above. You will learn shamanic healing techniques to add to your reiki healing knowledge. Techniques will include healing past trauma by helping to give energy back to a time when the soul fragmented , extraction work, and will help the client to participate in their own healing by using visualisation techniques while channelling energy to them.


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