Silver Violet Flame Healing

violetflamehealingThe most fundamental, plus powerful, healing technique available on earth is the Violet Transmuting Flame or Violet Consuming Flame facilitated by Saint Germain in this past century. This gift has made it possible for hundreds and thousands of students to heal themselves and progress through stages of soul evolution much more easily. Jesus brought us this knowledge but it was removed from us by those who knew that this knowledge, if applied, would set us free.

Within the Violet Flame are the divine qualities of Love, Mercy and Forgiveness. It is the Sacred Fire and the Grace of God that Jesus spoke of, and has the power to set our lives free from the cause, effect, record and memory of density and discord that has weighed us down. Beside the alignment of our personal will with our Divine Will of a more evolved soul, it is the only power that can erase the record and memory of limitation and fear that is held in our bodies, and reawakened every time we place our attention on it again. The Violet Flame is that powerful and that essential to our resurrection into the light.


30 min Available for Free with Limited availability and Booking Terms Apply, email for Bookings.