Spiritual Oracle Readings

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Sometimes in our lives we are just stuck, not sure of direction or just getting nowhere.

A spiritual reading will involve the use of varied, oracle cards and maybe some crystals.
They are based upon guidance and counsel.Unlike tarot they will never give any negative quality or aspects and just guide you to where you are and how to move forward.

They are detailed and will be very helpful if you looking for a clue to your spiritual path and general awareness about manifestation and enjoying life to its fullest and maximum potential.



FAIRYYou do not have to be stuck or in any rut for a spiritual reading, anyone of any age can and will benefit, by the reading as its guidance towards a more fulfilling life.

The Spiritual Readings are available on a one to one in the centre for £30.00 as always no time is or can be given readings can take anything from 20 minutes to over an hour or two.

Spiritual readings are also available as part of our psychic and pamper parties.

Quick Focus Reading 30 minutes maximum available £30.00.